The 30 Best Movie Songs of the Last 40 Years

29 Jun

29. When Doves Cry, by Prince, from Purple Rain (1984)

When Doves Cry was the last single written for the soundtrack to Purple Rain, but the first to be released. Good decision, as it became Prince’s first number 1 single in the US, and went gangbusters worldwide. In classic Prince fashion, the song is unorthodox, with no bass line and plenty of Prince’s trademark squeals, but it spoke to enough people to be the top selling single of the year in the US, and to outshine the other great songs from the soundtrack, including the title track.

Stats: Number 1 in the US and Australia, number 4 in the UK.

Penalty Points: The song does not feature any actual crying doves.

Bonus Points: No matter what the situation is, if you wear a gold suit with a high waistband and shoulder pads, a frilly cravat, white lace gloves and a burgundy hat, you will always get you bonus points.

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