Weird News

Let’s face it: the world is full of weird people doing weird things.  If you don’t agree, then chances are that the weird person is you, and your ridiculous exploits will be lambasted with great pleasure here at Hesaidwhatnow?

Have a look at the recent Hesaidwhatnow? posts on Weird News below, or for a full list, check out Weird News in the Categories section on the right.

The Stupidest Lawsuits of All Time

Random Objects Saving Lives

A World Full of Cheats

Not Doing Your Job Properly

Creative Ways to Beat the Economic Crisis

Don’t Treat Your Junk Like Junk

Double Check Those Internet Pics

Outstanding Outsourcing

The Dos and Don’ts of Airline Travel

Super Heroes and Mutant Villains – Update!

Super Heroes and Mutant Villains

The Mayans Didn’t Predict This

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