Hesaidwhatnow? is the home of the funny and interesting on the topics of movies and entertainment, weird news, dumb criminals, sport, and whatever else takes the fancy of the Hesaidwhatnow? Guy.

The Hesaidwhatnow? Guy, Rob Gibson, is a writer, author, scribe, and thesaurus user – picture Steven Seagal dressed as Wolverine with glasses and a computer.  That’s not what Rob looks like, but it’s cool to imagine.  Having his work published in print and online for over five years, Rob is perhaps most famous for inventing the term ‘birthday suit’ and co-writing the Ray Parker Jr hit song, Ghostbusters.

To contact the Hesaidwhatnow? Guy, email him at hesaidguy@gmail.com.  You can also join Hesaidwhatnow? on Facebook (Hesaidwhatnow Guy) and Twitter (Hesaid_Guy).  And don’t forget to subscribe to Hesaidwhatnow? so you keep up to date with all the new posts.

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