The 30 Best Movie Songs of the Last 40 Years

29 Jun

22. Footloose, by Kenny Loggins, from Footloose (1984)

A master of the ‘80s movie song, Kenny Loggins kicked off his Sunday shoes to co-write and perform the eponymous title track from Footloose. There are few things more masculine than rebelling through dance, and that’s exactly what Kevin Bacon did in the film. And if you’re going to give a big ‘F you’ to the Establishment through dance, you’d better believe you want to be dancing to the soft rocking, perfectly bearded Kenny Loggins. He’s so amazing, I have a feeling we’ll see him cut loose again on this list…

Stats: Number 1 in the US and Australia, number 6 in the UK; Academy Award nomination; Golden Globe nomination.

Penalty Points: Sadly, it’s not Kenny Loggins sticking it to the Man through dance.

Bonus Points: Covered by both Weird Al Yankovic and the Chipmunks!

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