The 30 Best Movie Songs of the Last 40 Years – Part II

20 Jul

14. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, by Aerosmith, from Armageddon (1998)

UN legislation dictates that every long haired rock band must, at some point, punch out a power ballad. Aerosmith’s was I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, the stupid and cheesy, yet enjoyable, track from the stupid and cheesy, yet enjoyable, disaster flick, Armageddon. Like the motley crew of misfit heroes in the film, the success of I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing was out of this world. To this day, it remains Aerosmith’s best selling single.

Stats: Number 1 in the US and Australia, number 4 in the UK; Academy Award nomination; Grammy nomination.

Penalty Points: Remains one of only three songs in history nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song; you should not sing the romantic soundtrack to Ben Affleck having sexy time with your daughter. Ewww!

Bonus Points: It’s fun trying to guess exactly at what point in the music video Steve Tyler is going to swallow the microphone whole; the moment about 3 minutes 50 seconds into the song where Tyler foregoes singing actual words in favour of unintelligible screams. “Cos even when I DREEEYLLAAAH!!!”

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