Dirty Sounding Athlete Names – Basketball Edition

13 Jun

Dirtiest Sounding Athlete Names – Basketball Edition

Being the mature, sophisticated individual that I am, I thought I would do a list of the ten dirtiest sounding names in sport.  The thing is, when doing some research on the topic, I found that there were way more than ten names that needed recognition.  Therefore I have decided to do a series of warm up lists to whet everyone’s appetite before getting to the gold standard of naughty names.  And so enjoy this list, the ten dirtiest sounding athlete names in basketball.  Warning: bad double entendres ahead.

10. Dick Harter

Whether or not his first name is a noun or a verb, Dick Harter always elicits a giggle.  Or a moan of ecstasy.

9. Hot Rod Williams

You could be forgiven for thinking that Hot Rod was a porn star and not a baller.  Either way he’s been described as a ‘skilled big man with a soft touch and good hands’.

I’ve come to clean ze pool…

8. Ken Bone

This coach was known for drilling his team hard and making them work up a sweat.

7. Mo Cheeks

Another player who sounds like he should have been a porn star, Mo Cheeks was an expert at handling balls.

6. Phyllis Mangina

With a name like this, I’m not sure how Phyllis Mangina was allowed to play in the women’s league.

5. Pee-Wee Gash

This guy’s name is just horrible.

4. Gregor Fucka

This Italian star became a cult hero of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  Not necessarily because of his play, but rather because Australians loved yelling out ‘Fucka!  Fucka!  Go you Fucka!’

3. Ivana Mandic

I’m sure her name is pronounced ‘man-dich’, but still, what a hell of an efficient way of letting people know what you want.

Ivana Mandic. I bet you do.

2. Magic Johnson

He probably should let the ladies decide for themselves.  Although in fairness, Magic was great at penetrating defences and finishing at the hole.

1. Chubby Cox

Presumably only during the post-game shower.

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