Funny Sports Photos – Part 1

16 Jun

Sports are great.  Men and women at the peak of human condition, mesmerising all who watch with skill, speed, strength, and grace.  As they capture our imaginations, others wait poised with cameras, hoping to capture those magical sports moments that become the stuff of legend and make them immortal.

Luckily that also means that chances are someone will capture those moments where athletes make fools of themselves in front of the world.  In what I hope to be the first of many articles on the topic, here are ten of the funniest sports photos ever taken.

The Kiss


I know soccer players have enthusiastic post-goal celebrations, but a man pash is perhaps a bit over the top.  Although it is nice to see opposition players getting on so well.  That caress of the bosom looks so tender and loving…

Rhythm  Gymnastics Isn’t Weird At All


It’s been a while since I’ve gone bowling, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t textbook technique.

In Your Face!


It’s a good job this guy wore a helmet, otherwise he could’ve got hurt.  But seriously though, how hard is it to not let yourself get hit in the head with a baseball?



Quite hard apparently.

And the Winner Is…


…not this guy.  He could have at least waited until he got back to the team hotel before trashing everything.  Meanwhile the guy in the background is obviously wondering whether he’s about to get fired.

Permission For Launch


I’m really hoping that what’s happening here is one of the greatest divebombs of all time.

No Sweat


You know things are desperate when you resort to playing defence like this.  It might not be a foul, but it is foul.  I can’t quite tell whether Yao Ming is shocked or in the throws of ecstasy – all I know is that this is the most unique defensive tactic I’ve ever seen.

You’ve Picked the Wrong Man


I stand corrected.

A Bit of a Stretch


“Handball?  Handball?!?  I can’t even reach that far!!!”

A Headache


I’m not a professional hurdler, but I would have thought it would have been easier to go over the hurdle.

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