Double Check Those Internet Pics

5 Jun

A couple of news stories caught my eye this week that involved photos on the internet and funny errors of judgement.  Usually when you hear the words “errors of judgment” and “photos on the internet” it’s safe to assume the words “naked” or even “Tiger Woods” would also be involved.  Not so in this case; there is no nudity involved, although the first story comes close.

The audio-visual web magazine Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things decided to undertake an experiment on Facebook in protest to the social networking site’s terms of service.  They posted the below photo on their Facebook page, knowing full well that on first glance it looks as thought the woman reclining in the bath is exposing an ample breast, when in fact it is merely her elbow being exposed.

Those elbows are at least double Ds

Those elbows are at least double Ds

Sure enough, Facebook took down the photo and sent a notice to Theories that they were in breach of its terms.  Theory confirmed: if your elbow looks like a nipple, don’t be posting photos of yourself sticking those things out like a hussy or the photo will be removed.  Facebook did, however, post an apology and reinstate the photo once the error was brought to the media’s attention.  But still, if you can’t tell the difference between those body parts, you’re doing something wrong.  Maybe Facebook should employ some 13 year old boys – they can spot a nipple from two time zones away.

Another error that involved pictures on the internet came when a girl named Vanessa sent an email to a company advertising for staff.  Vanessa expressed her interest in the position and attached her resume.  Except instead of her resume, she accidentally attached a picture of Nicolas Cage looking extremely unhinged even for him.

I'm acting!

I’m acting!

No word on whether she got the job, but that email is a National Treasure.

One Response to “Double Check Those Internet Pics”

  1. Pining for Grace December 9, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    Thanks for this post, I needed a laugh. 🙂

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